Babylon Announces planning authentication to maintain a plan for 2016

Wednesday July 6, 2016 20:53

Alsumaria News / Babylon
Announced the first deputy governor of Babylon and Sam Aslan, Wednesday, the Ministry of Planning and ratified a conservative plan for 2016 ongoing projects, stressing that the ratification will be followed dues operating in the province exchange companies.

Aslan said in an interview for the Sumerian News, "it was the ratification of the conservative plan for 2016 continued by the Ministry of project planning, the first step is to pay the dues of companies operating in the province."

Aslan said that "the ratification came after solving the problem of accumulated since 2010, up to 16 projects."

Aslan said that "subsequent step after the ratification will move more than 300 stalled for work project", pointing out that "Financial will finance these projects."

He was governor of Babylon honest meaning of Royal announced on Sunday (20 March 2016), that there are 200 projects in the province laggard due to lack of funding necessary to complete the funds.