Sunni alliance condemns the bombing of "Liberty" and put a question mark on the prosecution of those involved

Twilight News / alliance condemned the Iraqi forces, the largest coalition of the Year in the Iraqi parliament, on Wednesday, targeting Camp Liberty Iranian exposed on the outskirts of Baghdad, saying that the attack is bad for the state and pose a challenge to them.
The alliance said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "the rocket attack widespread attack Camp Liberty and the vicinity of Baghdad airport, where he fell hardiness number of the wounded were employees of the police and politicians from the People's Mojahedin Organization of refugees, who are in the camp under a formal agreement between the Iraqi government and the United Nations." He added, "This is not the first aggression against his camp, and in the same way and the same place, however did not specify the security of the stands behind him, raising more than a question mark."
He said coalition forces by saying, "The acts such but detrimental to the prestige of the state and challenge them as and adversely affect the reputation of Iraq into the international community and indicates non-compliance with international commitments, which leads us to ask the government to seriously investigate the subject and bring the perpetrators to justice."
Unidentified been fired, the day before yesterday, 30 rockets of the type Krad Ekrkov Aldhlh area west of Baghdad, 25 were killed in Camp Liberty and 5 again on the Iranian construction company within the Amiriyah neighborhood near the Iraqi village, according to the Baghdad Operations Command. The attack led to the injury of two affiliates belonging to the Baghdad Provincial Police Command in charge of the protection of Camp Liberty in Baghdad International Airport and eight members of the Organization of Iran (PMOI) opposition. And already last year's Camp Liberty subjected to rocket attacks which led to casualties among the MKO elements. And it adopted an Iraqi Shi'ite factions claimed responsibility for the attacks. There are about 300 campers from the elements of the organization, after they were transferred from Camp Ashraf in Diyala province in 2012, according to the site between the organization and Baghdad under the auspices of the United Nations Agreement for transport outside Iraq.