Eid prayers in Diyala province

Khatib feast in Diyala calls for politicians to "get away from the sectarian rhetoric" and calls for cooperation with the security agencies

Long-Presse / Diyala
Called imam Eid prayers in Diyala province, Abdul Karim Madani, on Wednesday, citizens to cooperate with security agencies in order to maintain security and stability of the province and "thwart any terrorist attacks aimed at creating discord among all the components," while the student politicians to "get away from the rhetoric sectarianism ", stressed the need for particular stand of" wants to sabotage the social fabric of the province. " Said Abdul Karim Madani, during the sermon Eid prayers, the center of Baquba, and attended (range Press), "The citizens of Diyala province were able to eliminate the sectarianism that some people want to get to their wish and their personal interests away from reconciliation citizen," noting that "this sectarian collapsed entirely thanks adhering to coexistence and the social fabric of the province suffered a lot during the past years by those who are outsiders to the province and its people. " He said the civil, that "Diyala province maintained its departments to maintain after the fall of the regime was not one of access to banks and departments service could thanks to the parking of all the people of Diyala from all sects and ethnic groups generally muggers", calling on citizens to "cooperate with the security services in order to keep Diyala security that It was and will remain a social fabric Mtaih and cooperation during the previous period gave the fruit where the security forces managed to thwart more than an attempt to elements (Daash) to hit the province to create a rift between the components. " He called civil, politicians to "get away sectarian rhetoric that was not a citizen of any interest in, because they preyed on sectarian and inflammatory Khtabahm," stressing the need to "generally stand who wants to sabotage the social fabric in the province and hit him with an iron hand from any point he or range will not allow those who want to undermine the unity of Diyala. "