The launch of the Central Bank loans for agricultural projects by more than a billion dollars
[Where - Baghdad]
Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday the launch of agricultural loans provided by the Central Bank of Iraq by the ACB by 33% and equivalent to [1.650] trillion dinars [more than a billion dollars]
According to the Department of Relations and Media and International Cooperation in the Ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that " the Commission has completed the preparation of regulations, instructions and regulations, according to the functions and mechanisms of lending approved by the Prime Minister was preparing a detailed report for the preparatory phase."
he added that he "has the approval of the mechanics of the launch of the electronic forms to apply for agricultural, industrial and residential loan application as stated recommendations of the preparatory phase of the Higher Committee for loans CBI distributed to various projects including small , which aims to provide job opportunities for young graduates and women , including works by raising the level the standard of living of citizens and move the wheel of development, where the ministry circulated the mechanics of the launch of the electronic forms of agricultural loans to all departments and companies and districts. "
The statement pointed out that" the bottom Alaalt lending to small enterprises 500 million dinars medium enterprises 3 billion dinars large and for projects in excess of three billion dinars and not exceeding 20 billion dinars and strategic projects that more than 20 billion dinars , where the loan is five years , except for a period of grace for a period of one year, and be a presentation agricultural bank. "
He noted that" the total amount of loans of 6.5 trillion dinars, where the other sectors , shares of 33% including equivalent to 1.650 trillion dinars industrial Bank, the Housing Fund of 17% for amounts up to 850 billion dinars , and the same proportion of the bank mortgage, while the share of private banks , civil amounting trillion dinars for the granting of loans that are more than 50 million small and medium enterprises.