State law holds the government responsible for the deterioration of security in Baghdad and calls for the structuring of the security services
10:59 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
State of Law coalition parliament demanded accountability for negligence and defeatists in controlling security and reconsider the restructuring of the security services, saying that the continued security breaches and the fall of large numbers of innocent people can not be justified is, despite all the challenges faced by the government.
And he demanded a spokesman for a coalition of law MP Khalid al-Asadi to "put an immediate solutions and the execution of the perpetrators of terrorist bombings and accounting officers and those responsible for the security of Baghdad."
He called al-Asadi in a press statement received / balances News / copy of the federal government to "set a time limit for the execution of those involved in terrorism cases and not to give any opportunities for them."
And carry-Asadi "The government has full responsibility for what happened from the center of Baghdad, a security deterioration."
The MP for the coalition of state law requires that "the House of Representatives to question the role and responsibility of negligent and rejection of the application of the law whatsoever, and even officials who occupy important positions in the country practiced."
He also stressed the need "to hold negligent and defeatists for policing and reconsider the restructuring of the security services.
He noted the spokesman of state law to "the penetration of some of Saddam's ousted Baath in the state apparatus who are trying to drag the country into ruin and destruction."
The balance of News has learned from a senior official in Baghdad Operations Command, he booked ordered federal police regiment in the Karrada
The director of the local police and the director of major crimes and officer and director of Karrada passage of the rescue of Karrada and national security chief and director of intelligence of Karrada, and refer them to the investigation, while the orders of isolating a number of them have been issued. " is over