Direct maintenance of two roads in Diyala, with funding from the World Bank
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Direct maintenance of two roads in Diyala, with funding from the World Bank
{Baghdad} Euphrates News embarked on roads and bridges department in Diyala province, overseeing the maintenance of two roads financed by the World Bank projects.
A statement by the Ministry of Construction and Housing Agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that "roads and bridges department began overseeing the implementation of the maintenance of 20 km from the Khanaqin oil box at a cost of 10.795 billion dinars, and maintenance of oil ways Mandali box at a cost of 10.851 billion dinars, two of the projects that have been developed within the emergency loan from the international Bank of Iraq for the reconstruction of liberated areas in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala allocations. "
He added that" the maintenance process for these two routes come because of being exposed to serious damages due to the conduct maintenance on them since 2003 , "noting that" the work includes skimming and to ward off the affected areas and Altkhadddat and ripples and lifting debris out of the route, as well as brushes layers of gravel Akhabt and compensated in the paths road shoulders and Hdelha Askew 4%, as well as spraying layers of prime and Altak Cote affected areas and then brushes asphalt layer thickness of 15 cm and address the cracks. "
He pointed out that " the work includes maintenance of a number of arches pipe and Trunking, cleaned and build the walls of the exits and entrances armed by concrete and other according to general specifications for roads and bridges, as well as planning thermal dye treatment Balhabibat glass work of fences and pre - emptive unilateral areas arches."
It pointed out that " the roads are among the important roads and major in Diyala province , as are two ways Hdodian and trucks used in transporting agricultural, industrial and commercial products operation ".anthy