271 inmates released from Iraqi prisons in the month

Twilight News / announced that the Iraqi Corrections Service of the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday for a private number freed and messengers monthly position to the courts for the month of June. The general director of the Iraqi Department of reform Hussein, the military said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, said the number of those released from the ministry's prisons amounted to 271 inmates in Baghdad and the provinces, including 28 boarders, as the number of senders amounted to the courts (3371) inmates during the month of June, He explained that the movement of deportation and transfer of reviews carried out by the competent mission detachments guests transfer between departments or provinces or reform the security services, in addition to providing guests in front of the courts and the transfer of pathological cases to health centers, and receive reviews from the demand side and the provinces. He added that the department has taken over the past few months, new measures and procedures have contributed to accelerate the pace of deportation movement and securing guests in front of the courts, which supplement the staffs working in sections deportation and launch a large additional numbers of staff and guards reformers, as well as open additional transmission lines to shorten the lengthy correspondence between the departments actions and the development of communication and coordination with security agencies to secure the routes detachments deportation and transport channels.