Dry calling on the government to take advantage of the experience of dealing with the issue of Fallujah, Mosul's displaced

Called a member of the parliamentary human rights committee MP Ashwaq dry, the government has to take advantage of the Fallujah experience in dealing with the issue of displaced persons from the city of Mosul, security forces began military action to liberate edges of Daash. She said dry in a statement on Tuesday, received the Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) a copy of it, that "the issue of dealing with the displaced people of Fallujah were non-responsive ambition the government has announced its inability to accommodate the large number of displaced people and providing camps and material relief sufficient for them, which makes it imperative for the government the use of international possibilities and requested the assistance of the United Nations in aid displaced Mosul case of direct editing process, especially since the province of Nineveh, the second largest city in terms of population. " And he stressed the "need for there to be a government committee representing the Council of Ministers to oversee the relief of displaced persons and determine their needs and record any defect or deficiency could happen."
She noted "the existence of an international conference to be held soon to donor countries for Iraq and therefore the government should take advantage of this aid in the evacuation of displaced persons and the provision of appropriate places for them instead of leaving them in the open amid the scorching heat." And he stressed "the need to speed up the relief of the displaced people of Fallujah by 50 billion dinars grant allocated by the US government for them and help them as soon as possible."