The execution
of five convicted in the bombing of Iraq in the wake of Karrada

(AP) - The Iraqi Ministry of Justice announced the execution of five convicted Monday, a day after a suicide bomber killed more than two hundred people in the Karrada district of Baghdad and adopted by the organization of the Islamic state.
The ministry said in a statement "to execute a group of terrorists," without that define the crimes which they were convicted. She Justice Department industrialized dead Karrada "As we offer our condolences to Iraqis and the families of the martyrs of this great loss, Naahidhm to continue the implementation of comeuppance both tempted to undermine the people and terrorize its people." He predicted the statement "the announcement of the executions of criminals within the range of anti-terrorism laws near future, in addition to what was announced last few days when". Iraq began on Monday the national mourning three-day for the souls of the victims of the suicide bombing was carried out by a car bomb that blew up the organization of the Islamic state Sunday and led to the destruction of three shopping centers in the central Karrada district of the densely ahead of Eid al-Fitr, a site 213 people dead, at least. And the bombing of the deadliest attacks in Iraq and comes a week after Iraqi forces to restore control over the entire city of Fallujah, a stronghold of the jihadists is located 50 kilometers west of Baghdad.