Iraq and the United States discuss preparations for a meeting of donor countries expected in Washington

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Research and Planning Minister Salman Jumaili with the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, the current arrangements for the upcoming meeting of donor countries to be held in Washington on July 20 of the current.
A statement by the Ministry of Planning, "Economy News" received a copy of it today that "Jumaili received a coconut at the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning and meeting discussed bilateral relations and ways of enhancing them between the two countries in economic and trade fields as well as humanity."
Minister of Planning and stressed that Iraq needs the support of the international community to assist in the reconstruction of liberated areas process, "explaining that" the prospective donor countries meeting in the US capital Washington sponsored directly from the UN for a united is of great importance for Iraq because we get through the grants and international aid to initiate the process of reconstruction. "
"The two sides discussed the possibility of providing the basic requirements for the displaced from Fallujah, as well as the expected displacement of Mosul with the continuation of editing operations where .. The Minister of Planning that the return of displaced persons to their areas represent the first priority for the government, but their return subject to the provision of basic, such as water, electricity and cleaning services and the opening of roads in part of restoring stability and rehabilitation phase to begin after that reconstruction with the help of the international community stage. "
For his part, US ambassador, according to the statement that his country is working hard in order to help Iraq to overcome security and finance its crisis as well as to mobilize more international support for international aid for the reconstruction of areas devastated by terrorist acts, stressing that the meeting to be held in Washington before the end of this month will be the beginning of an international project that aims to help Iraq. "

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