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Maliki is thinking of crossing of the Islamic Dawa Party and intends to create a political movement linked to it exclusively
Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab - 10/04/2012 PM - 6:16 p.m.

Sources from within the Office of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told the Shatt al-Arab reported that the latter is thinking out of the Islamic Dawa Party, headed and intends to create a new political movement linked to it exclusively.

The sources said that Maliki's Dawa Party, believed that the party has become a consumer and not for all the processions of their aspirations, especially as there are leaders Garmensjma with ideas and projects, it is always seeking to challenge him for the office in the presidency of the party or the government.

And has confirmed these circles that Maliki these days, many complain of deal some leaders of the Dawa Party and other parties with him, believes that man across the border partisan and sectarian and must build a stream of a large faction without the presence of buffers as a party invitation and the rule of law or the National Alliance in front of him .

The sources indicated that al-Maliki Easter intentions of some of those close to him and expressed his discontent, which is being plotted against him in the party, revealing the presence of three major categories of the Dawa Party, The group of leaders, preoccupied with quite the achievement of their personal interests to benefit from the reputation of the party and its position in the government, seeking to collect the greatest wealth and class rivalry in the party and government positions and class stood with him and is sincere to his project.

Sources says that Maliki is trying to convince the third category in the need to get out of the party and create a new political movement and large in line with the orientations exclusively and without fenders and the interventions of the two categories and aspiring competitors.

And remember the sources that al-Maliki believed that the Party's reputation has consumed in the Iraqi street and what that comes out of it until the end of the Party's role in political life, and explain it, "that the party has built his empire on my account and Boswati and my popularity and I do not want from now and onwards to put my reputation for the benefit of others and for free. "

The sources added that al-Maliki believed that the establishment of a new political movement will help him to look out reform, and will help him to win the reluctant groups and away from the orientations of the Dawa Party, to his side.

On the other hand confirmed that these sources very close to al-Maliki said the leaders of the Dawa Party, also feel uncomfortable with dealing Maliki with it as has become routine practice not to take consulting party in any of the matters of state and insults of many leaders and treat them inappropriately, in the time that these leaders feel that al-Maliki arrived in the absolute support that reached him and is his handling of this denial by the beautiful description of these leaders.