Prime Minister: Our response would be tough on terrorists in Anbar and Mosul Akarham

BAGHDAD - Security - opinion -
Prime Minister visited the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi Air Force command, asserting that "our response will be tough on terrorists in Akarham Anbar and Mosul".
He said al-Abadi in a statement received (Opinion International) copy of it on "The terrorists are trying to march a character but we will respond harshly in Akarham in Anbar and Mosul will not be able to march a character and will continue to address them, and we know that there are customers and infiltrators and kegs will deal with them all."
He pointed out that "what happened in Baghdad today is the same as the terrorist bombings that took place in the same world this week, and the same terrorists who want to kill civilians Wholesale"
He stressed that "the world must unite with us to run into what is happening in Iraq, the crime heinous and I call on Arab and Islamic countries to get their hands Baadna to counter terrorism that kills civilians or face military and smuggle them to target the innocent and defenseless, we will not rest, but we spend the last Daasha in Iraq and spend them ".
A car bomb exploded late time of the night in the Karrada district of central Baghdad, which resulted in the martyrdom and wounding more than two hundred people, and the government announced on its impact on the public mourning for three days.
The Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, issued this evening ordered a group in order to enhance security in Baghdad and the provinces after the huge security breach detonated a car bomb in the Karrada district, including the withdrawal of sonar devices and handheld reorganize checkpoints. is over