Abadi ordering the involvement of the sons of the people of Karrada in protecting their area

BAGHDAD / Sky Press
He ordered Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the involvement of volunteers from the sons of Karrada protecting their area as well as security forces. Abadi said the Information Office in a statement received "Sky Press," "The latter is a response to the demands of a delegation of young demonstrators Karrada district, and to hold accountable security officials for negligence in the Karrada on the security breach that caused the cowardly criminal act." The statement added, "Abadi is also with the participation of volunteers from the people of Karrada in the protection of their region and the cooperation of parents with the security services in the information and communication for any suspicion." He stressed Abadi, according to the statement, that "are checkpoints in the Karrada district and the rest of the regions in accordance with the new security strategy." And it saw the Karrada district criminal suicide car bomb killed more than 100 martyrs and 150 wounded, and events of major damage to commercial complexes in the region, sparking the anger of the Iraqi street, and people of the area, in particular, who demanded accountability of the security chiefs for negligence and dismissed. A number of residents attacked the Karrada district, on Sunday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's convoy with stones during a visit to the region, which saw last night a suicide terrorist, killing and wounding a large number of innocent citizens. This carried the Baghdad provincial council security Baghdad Operations Command, responsible for security breaches in the capital, demanding the resignation of their leaders and change the security plans that will ensure the reduction of the occurrence of any violations