Intensive raids on strongholds in Benghazi Daash

[Where - Baghdad]
Libyan army planes launched a massive air raids on strongholds of an al Daash radical, in the city of Benghazi in northeast Libya, according to reports from sources "Sky News Arabia," Sunday.
Those sources said the air strikes were concentrated on sites where the militants are holed up in the regions of the whale Daash market and Sabri north of Benghazi, which is witnessing weeks ago an army operation against militant groups.
This development comes just hours after the killing of four members of the Libyan security forces, and wounding seven others wounded in car bombing, targeted a patrol of criminal search in the city of Benghazi.
Before the bombing, the Libyan army had declared "its control over the West Gate Qnfodh west of Benghazi," after confrontations described as "fierce" with Mshali Daash and militant groups allied with him.
It should be noted that the Libyan army had succeeded, about two years ago, to impose its control over most areas in Benghazi, but that militant groups retain some enclaves in the city and its environs.
And about two months ago, government forces stepped up, led by army commander Gen. Khalifa Haftar, operations to purge the city and its outskirts from armed militants, who took advantage of the political divide to stretch out in the country.