Baghdad security calls for changing the security leaders "failed" on the back of the Karrada bombing

[Where - Exclusive]
Security committee demanded in Baghdad Provincial Council to change the security leaders "failed" on the back of the Karrada bombing Sunday night.
The deputy chairman of the security committee Mohammed al-Rubaie told all of Iraq [where] that "a car bomb loaded with CIA once high explosives exploded in the Karrada district late last night and have killed 50 civilians, more than 80 others injured."
Rubaie and ask "how the car bomb pass checkpoints without detection?" He said. "We mentioned this several times a flaw is useless, demanding change failed checkpoints and security leaders."
He pointed out that "seven of his relatives were among the victims of the blast."
The suicide car bomb exploded late Saturday night district of Karrada in central Baghdad have killed and wounded dozens of civilians as well as the burning of a number of shops near the scene and cars.
And adopted Daash terrorist gangs claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing.
And inspect the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Sunday morning blast site, "vowing to" punishment of terrorist factions by the bombing, where she and after it was crushed on the battlefield are a desperate attempt bombings. "