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The Pentagon announced the death of the Secretary of War and the military commander of Daash

The Pentagon announced, two of the military commanders to organize Daash killed in a raid by the international coalition on Mosul, a stronghold of the jihadist group in Iraq.
The media spokesman for the US Department of Defense Peter Cook in a statement that "coalition forces launched an air strike against two military commanders to Daash in the twenty-fifth of June near Mosul in Iraq, which resulted in their deaths."
"The minute the raid led to the death of Deputy Minister of the war Daash as Mohammed Ahmed Sultan Albjara, and military leader of the organization in Mosul, named Hatem al-Hamdani, a student."
Cook said that Albjara was formerly a member of al-Qaida and joined al Daash and was at the point on the offensive to take control of Mosul in June 2014.
He added that Albjara "also led the glutinous army battalion known to use car bombs, a local-made bombs, and suicide bombers and mustard gas, in its attacks". As Hamdani, was a military commander in Mosul and commander of the military police in the region, according to Cook.
Mosul is Iraq's second largest city, and has become a stronghold for the organization Daash in Iraq, de facto. Iraqi security forces in recent weeks have made significant progress against jihadist organization, especially with the restore control of the city of Fallujah this month. Attention is now being focused on the connector, which is expected to begin a battle freed in the coming months.
Cook explained that "these leaders remove terrorists from the battlefield to create the conditions for Iraqi forces for the liberation of Mosul final support of the international coalition."