The killing of the mastermind of the attack on the Ataturk Airport in Raqqa


 London - Berlin - Washington / AFP - Reuters
US source revealed that the mastermind of the bloody terrorist attack on the Ataturk Airport in the Turkish capital of Istanbul, a Chechen known in terrorist circles and a refugee in Austria, Ahmed Radzhabov Catiev, was killed in the Syrian tenderness in a US strike did not specify details.
Pending the disclosure of additional details, Corriere della newspaper showed Serra Italian that Catiev is one of the ancient terrorists, since the time of al-Qaida in Mesopotamia, led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, when he converted along with a number of leading Chechen others Easy "Pankisi" Georgian-controlled gangs bloody Chechen, to a safe corridor for each active terrorist networks as the US occupation of Iraq, and Russia in Chechnya.
If Chechnya became famous such Abu Omar Chechen, for example, in the ranks of al Daash after his appearance, the Catiev characterize work in silence out of the limelight, despite his will to the various security agencies in the west and Herqua.obergm pursuits Chechen succeeded by the newspaper out of the Caucasus, and to obtain political asylum in Austria since 2011.obergm recent relatively age as the age Catiev does not exceed 36 years, the "Southpaw" is also known in the circles of the Chechen, managed to escape from the Russian intelligence, which was dogged since 2008, and the transition to Azerbaijan's, and from there to Austria when he became a political refugee and the representative of the Republic "occupied Ichkeria" unrecognized Bha.olm shy refugee Chechen becoming embroiled in trouble with the law in Austria later revealed his role in arms smuggling network from Austria to the Caucasus, before fleeing to Bulgaria in an attempt to infiltrate into Turkey, but the Bulgarian authorities arrested him and sent him back to Austria, which has demanded his extradition, despite an earlier request from an international Interpol police building on a red bulletin Russian demanding his extradition.
This comes as Germany plans to raise the number of security crews in Bmtaradtha, after the attacks on airports in Brussels and Istanbul that killed dozens of people dead and Jerhy.oukal chief executive of the Association of airports (BAA DVD), Ralph Baazl, in an interview with the newspaper "Heilbroner insult" Saturday , that "besides increasing the number of security forces and official in civilian attire, will promote the use of Bmt_khaschin have the ability to identify the behavioral patterns of the passengers inside the airport terminals." he explained Baazl that "the potential sources of risk can be identified quickly through targeted monitoring for people who are doing interesting behaviors suspicions "he pointed Baazl that is currently being piloted," the link between control of video and face recognition technology ", and added that this method will be used by intelligence agencies to identify dangerous Islamic elements" and thus could theoretically launch an alarm in the event of the entry suspicious person building the airport".
So said the British media that the Eid al-Fitr celebrations in the city of Southampton, southwest England, was canceled for security reasons, fearing clashes with campaigners Ahjrh.ooalent academic cultural British Bengal that she was forced to cancel the Eid al-Fitr prayers, which was scheduled in Southampton garden, as Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of "Al Qaeda," he said the United States would face serious consequences if executed the bombing of "Boston Marathon" port called the essence of Tasarneev or any of the Muslim prisoners.
It faces Tsarnaev, Chechen origin, the death penalty in the case of twin suicide bombings, which killed three people dead and 264 injured after two bombs exploded Adoata made Mbotin in my bag appeared near the access to the Boston Marathon line in April 2013.etql essence Tsarnaev the evening of April 19, 2012 after chasing a ferocious process, he was found hiding in a compound subject in a park in Watertown and was suffering from serious injuries, hours after the killing of Hqaiqa.obdot essence Tsarnaev trial on the fourth of March in Boston in 2014, and did not plead guilty to any of the charges against him, while his lawyers and they are building a strategy protection on that he acted under the influence of his older brother Tamerlan (two Heichanaan family obtained US citizenship).