The reluctance of investment projects and the financial crisis hinders reconstruction of Maysan and its government is threatening to withdraw licenses

 Maysan / Ali Abdul Wahid

Maysan Provincial Council revealed, on Saturday, for the reluctance of most investment projects in the province as "flimsy arguments" for companies winning licenses, he promised that the delay of these projects and stop the development of regional projects due to the financial crisis, "hampered" the reconstruction of the province, and in select end of the year 2016, the date for the opening of the agricultural project Durr breeding cows, stressed that the project is implemented with a capital of about 18 billion dinars, adding that the project will cover the needs of the province of milk and its derivatives.

The head of the investment committee in the provincial council Mohammad Majid Hoaa Hilfi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "most of the investment projects in the province suffer reluctance and delay for feat specific ratios table in accordance with the time timings according to the agreements between the companies and the Investment Authority contracts, under false pretenses," He returned that "the solution lies in the withdrawal of licenses of the lagging companies and re-presenting the project to invest."
He revealed Hilfi, that among the lagging "residential home project, which includes four thousand housing units on 650 dunums of investment projects, of which 85 residential building at a cost of 249 million dollars," noting that "among the lagging investment projects also, pearl Maysan entertainment project at a cost of 80 million dollars, which includes commercial tower includes a 25-storey hotel and 12-storey entertainment and tourism and other areas. "
Promised Chairman of the Investment Committee, to "stop the development of regional projects in conjunction with the reluctance of investment projects due to the financial crisis, was an obstacle to the reconstruction of the province according to what was planned by the provincial council," and threatened "to hold accountable the companies that did not provide completion rates, and in coordination with the Investment Authority and withheld from work in the province in the future. "
Hilfi and vowed, "to hold accountable those involved files of corruption with regard to investment projects," attributing the failure of the country benefit from the investment projects along the lines of the world's countries to "lack of seriousness and rampant corruption."
The House of Maysan, announced on 26 June 2016, the existence of 11 new investment opportunity to maintain and, while they relate to the sectors of industry, agriculture, electricity, Youth and Sports, local authorities accused of obstructing investment and threatened to expose them.
The province of Maysan, its city of Amarah, witnessing the implementation of many of the investment, including residential lighthouse compound and complex Pearl of Maysan, by Lebanese companies and venture Cork Tourist Hotel five-star, which is carried out by a Turkish company and others, because of its security stability.
With regard to agricultural projects in the province, said Chairman of the Investment Committee Mohammad Hilfi, "The official opening of the agricultural project Durr breeding cows in hand dun, which is implemented by one of the Iranian companies on an area of ​​2,000 acres and a card 25 a production line will be the end of the year 2016," noting that "the project It performs with a capital estimated at 18 billion dinars, and is one of the mega-projects that provide material milk and the production of forage crops and contribute to cover the conservative markets for material milk and milk products. "
He Hilfi, that "the project accommodates A dairy cow from the State of the Netherlands is dedicated to beer," he said, adding that "the Corrals own breeding cows site was designed with the latest private global roads though Maysan province is a fertile environment for livestock as it represents the geographical position, which emphasizes adaptation to livestock The buffalo chicken and agriculture. "
He Hilfi, that "the Council is interested in projects raising cows or poultry, we refer them to specialized companies in this aspect," pointing out that "there is an agreement made with the Iranian side to bring these companies and work in the province, including not allow the existence of a new investment opportunity will enhance the economic position to maintain. "
Hilfi and stressed that "the project will require the energies of working and will run the workforce another chance next to local production of milk," stressing that "priority will be given to citizens who lived in the nearby villages of the project."
Famous for Maysan province, raising cows and buffaloes to the presence of appropriate an environmental breeding these animals, especially rural areas, which is a safe haven for breeding, as well as the fertility of the earth that helps the animal feed cultivation which is the main source of their food, and this is a project Durr first projects that bother livestock in the province .