Iraq buys US-Russian arms with borrowed money

2016/7/2 08:04:26 PM

With the great progress made by the Iraqi security forces and their allies, in the circuit battles against al Daash, Russia plans to continue providing weapons to Iraq within a preset, where these weapons will play a role in the liberation of Mosul upcoming operations of the organization Daash trades.

Russian ambassador in Baghdad, Walia Murgunov, announced during a press conference on Wednesday, adding, that the weapons shipments will continue through the next phase, where Iraqi forces will be using Russian arms in the liberation of Mosul process, which will include small arms, artillery, and tanks as well.

Weapons prepared by Ambassador vital to the restoration of the city, where he will be a critical factor in the battles, to be submitted to the advantage against al Daash on the ground, at which time hinted at it, the fact that the battle of Mosul, one of the most historic moments in the war against regulation.

After helicopters .. tanks and artillery and small arms

Iraqi Defense Ministry had announced in 28 of the last month, the arrival of helicopter gunships shipments from Russia, within the preset deal, which included two types of combat helicopters "Mi-28Ne and Mi35", asserting that these helicopters have played a key role in fighting against the organization in Fallujah.

Transaction expected to hand over their weapons in the coming days within shipments, Staatmdhan Russian-made tanks, artillery pieces, as well as light weapons, making it part of the backbone of the Iraqi army's arsenal.

Subsequent transactions according to the announcement, will be funded from the US loan to Iraq's $ 2.7 billion, which was announced by both the US ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones, and Finance Minister of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, during a press conference held at the 29th of last month.

Weapons from Saddam era

According to the press and said the Russian expert on weapons Affairs, Alex Frolov, the cargo anticipated arrival does not require the presence of Russian training teams on the frontlines of battles in order to guide the Iraqis to use it, because the Iraqis already trained to use these weapons.

Where he also added, that the quality of the consignment containing tanks of T72 type, used by Iraq during the Iran war and subsequent periods, to the fact that modern Russian tanks T90 type is very expensive for Iraq to bear the cost, in addition to the Iraqi army trained originally to use tanks of T72 in the battles.

The shipment will also include armored launcher flame carts, minesweeper vehicles, and armored transport vehicles from the type of BMP-3, and some armored personnel carriers diversified.

As for the artillery, Vsttalv those most likely to cut D-30 122mm artillery basic, perhaps Giastint B 152mm as well.

Frlov confirmed that the deal will be a great success completeness of Russian industry in the acquisition of part of the Iraqi military market.

The battles began in advance

During the 30th of last month, the Iraqi government announced that its forces now will focus on the restoration of the city of Mosul, after the recent success in the liberation of Fallujah from the control of the organization Daash, Iraqi forces made up of army units, police, as well as units of Peshmerga and factions Iranian-backed, in addition to some Sunni units, have entered earlier in the Nineveh plain, and is now trying to convince the local population to carry out a revolution against the organization.

At the same time, Iraqi forces advancing towards Shirqat city, to pay members of the organization, including the direction of Mosul, to set up a blockade of the city, as the Iraqi air force is involved, using Russian helicopters made recently arrived, fishing operations are ongoing to parts of the fragmented regulatory forces in Anbar province.

Whatever the case .. the battle facing some minor obstacles that can not also be overlooked, according to an article published by "Svobodnaya Pressa" Russian, and prepared and there are multiple parties to participate in the upcoming military operation, complex organizational could hamper the development of a unified plan and adhere to them.

Also, the roles Stalbha these multiple forces are still unknown, is not known so far, the party that will remain in the city in the post-cleared, as the article expression.

This comes at a time when reduced Russian expert on Middle East affairs, Sergei Balzamuzov, the capabilities of the Iraqi forces, saying, it is still weak, despite the US and Iranian support you get.

The US currently troops stationed in Iraq, able with ease to restore the city of Mosul, if it wants it, but Washington does not want to engage in this conflict directly, so it is too early to confirm the successful liberation of Mosul operations in its current form, in the words of the Russian report.