Political blocks "Parliament and provincial councils and conducting their elections simultaneously

2016-07-02 23:47:00 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad

The State of law Coalition have theorized, Saturday, the possibility of reducing the number of members of Parliament and provincial councils and establish their elections together, except Islamic Supreme Council that was consistent with its call ltrshik various joints of the Kurdistan blocs affirmed state that it requires new legal legislation.

The State of law Coalition: "a similar procedure requires Parliament to provincial Council

The leader of the State of law Coalition Walid "political blocks ornaments is currently studying the possibility of reducing the number of House members, except that it could be if the Council approved the law allowing the provincial elections and Parliament at once."

"Leadership in the coalition headed by Nouri al-Maliki," the law allows reducing the number of House members, "but by saying," but that would require an amendment to the election law, reducing the number of members of the provincial councils.

He proposed, ornaments put on the Parliament vote should be on it, "expressing his belief in" the possibility of approval of the proposal.

Call block Chief in Parliament, behind Abdel Samad, called reporters Friday, (24 June 2016), to amend the electoral code that includes reducing the number of members of Parliament and provincial councils, unified elections boards, on schedule for provincial elections in April 2017, except that it provides considerable motive State Treasury.

Upper House: support "provided to be legal

The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Hamid malh, proposed reducing the number of House members are not formal and broad-scale circulation by the political powers, though sometimes between political leaders discussed. "

Malh explained that "the proposed implementation needs a legal assignment, being one of the solutions that some think for new electoral spectacle and new political forces," without excluding the possibility of "proposal to the House after the legislative recess to find a legal graduate."

Malh continued, that "Islamic Supreme Council with" in various joints of the State "," condition with clear legal mandate. "

Kurdistan provincial Council reduced supports blocks and Parliament

A member of the legal Committee in the House of saadun Mohsen, that "the Commission has received a request to unify House and provincial councils elections or reduce the number of members of Parliament, likely making this application beginning the new legislative term.

Leading the Kurdistan blocs Coalition promised that "such requests is opposed to the laws in force, including the provincial number 21 for 2008 which imposes such elections time lag between councils and Parliament elections, reducing the number of members of the provincial councils as well as Parliament passed a new legislation requires".

Saadun expressed its support "to reduce the number of members of the provincial councils in particular it achieved nothing and failed both to provide services or" consent surveillance "to reduce the number of House members also need to legislate a new law for elections."

The members of the three presidencies, leaders of political blocs signed in (11 April 2016), national reform document that consists of 12 points include specific actions to filter characters to ministerial cab and independent bodies and identify timelines for legislation task and complete the program.

And pushed the financial crisis experienced by Iraq, by low oil prices, to reflect new procedures that will reduce the pressure on the already tight budget, studying Government and Parliament under a new amendment to the law of the provinces aims to reduce the provincial councils to 15 people only, cancel the Councils, to save expenses of these boards and facilitate local decision making.