Legal representative: general amnesty law malfunction caused paragraph terrorism
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} between a member of the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary Secretary Baker that the draft of the amnesty law has not been voted on to this moment because of the terrorism clause in the law.
He said Bakr told {Euphrates News} Saturday that " the controversy in the General Amnesty Law came from different National Alliance and the Sunni blocs on the issue of exemption of the oppressed in prison and the National Alliance emphasizes the failure to extend the terrorists in this law."
He added that " the Sunni blocs also calls for amnesty for oppressed therefore there is problematic in this regard and the distinction between the governed to terrorism and the oppressed. "
the member of the legal Committee of Parliament Ali Morshedi has between earlier that the " general amnesty law will be postponed because of disagreements about it , "noting that" the main differences are the inclusion of terrorists in this law . "Noting that" the general amnesty law will not be included in a session next Monday's agenda , "explaining that" the debate continuing to resolve points of contention and then vote on the law. "
and completed the Human rights Commission parliamentary her own observations of the amnesty law, not to to include both their hands stained with the blood of Alaracaan.anthy