Baghdad Operations: engineering effort addresses 120 device and bridge the four trenches Daashah in Fallujah

[Where - Baghdad]
It handled the engineering effort to the Baghdad Operations Command, .120 of an explosive device and bridging the four trenches Daashah within boycotted the Fallujah operations.
The Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the engineering effort forces managed to cleanse a group of mined roads, handled booby-trapped houses in the boycotted Fallujah operations," pointing out that "prescriptive military engineering brigade first rapid intervention, able to handle 120 an explosive device, within boycotted Fallujah. "
"The prescriptive Military Engineering Division 14, and within boycotted the Fallujah operations managed from clearing a path length of 5 km, and bridging the trenches of the enemy number 4, and address the explosive device 75".
The teams continue the engineering effort, clearing booby-trapped houses and raise the IEDs from the liberated areas within boycotted the Fallujah operations, as well as they found the heaps of ammunition and weapons.