Responsible for the occupation of Mosul and his military commander airstrike killed

[Where - Baghdad]
Kill the so-called vice minister of war and the military commander of the Air Daash in the international coalition in Mosul airstrike.
According to a spokesman for the US Department of Defense [Pentagon] in a statement seen by all of Iraq [where] it, "The air strike by the coalition led by the United States forces have killed the so-called vice minister of war and a military leader in the gangs Daash terrorist near the city of Mosul on 25 June.
Spokesman Peter Cook in a statement that "in addition to their deaths raids against al the other leaders of the Islamic state during the last month, somewhat seriously from the leadership of the organization of the Islamic State of experience in Mosul and removed two of the largest members of the armed forces in northern Iraq."
Cook added that "the attack near Mosul, killing [as Mohammed Ahmed Sultan Albjara vice minister of war, who oversaw the takeover Daash Mosul in 2014," pointing out that "other member who was killed in the attack, Hatim student-Hamdani, a military commander in Mosul. "
The Iraqi security forces announced earlier in the killing of tens of Aldoaash in military battles south of the city of Mosul, through the liberalization of a group of villages and areas of control Daash terrorist gangs.
And he declared the governor of Nineveh Nofal Hammadi Sultan, yesterday, officially starting the formation of the crowd clan to maintain and start registration of volunteers for training camps within the city of Mosul preparations editing process Daash terrorist gangs.