Doaash killing and burning tires and destroying munitions them security operation in Western Sahara

[Where - Baghdad]
Defense Ministry announced on Saturday, burning tires and destroying seven folds to Daash process airdrops Western Sahara 170-140 km from the city of Karbala.
According to a ministry statement, received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, to coincide with the big victories, and the prosecution of some of those who managed to escape from the big convoys of terrorists, and reached deep into the desert of Anbar towards the western border embarked power quality composed of 25 fighters from the headquarters at dawn today's day on July 2, 2016, ordering the operational commander of the Middle Euphrates Major General Qais behind Rahima and the commander of the holy city of Karbala police Maj. Gen. Ahmed Sogna, accompanied by the deputy commander of operations and director of intelligence and the security of our leadership and air advisor to the leadership with the formation of the military heroes Airways [2 pilot m17 which is under the command of leadership ] lowered the air in different parts of the Western Sahara and the distance (170-140) km from the holy city of Karbala.
"The force was able to burn the wheels including the seven terrorists, including Arab nationality, and grab some of the weapons and the destruction of other amounts of ammunition, weapons and explosive belts."
The statement noted that "the strength executing the duty of safely returned without sacrifices and losses remember.