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Search Officials and government lawmakers and economists, businessmen ways of activating the private sector in Iraq and the liberalization of the relationship between him and the government, including making the final look to him as an equal, not a follower, as was stressed the importance to take advantage of working hands that reached up to 500 000 are being rehabilitated annually, it was emphasized support transmission and the migration of labor from the government to the private sector, especially the adoption of a social condition that ensure a fair and effective system.

This came during a seminar open economic dialogue held by the Economic Council of Iraq on the Euphrates hall in the Babylon Hotel.

The symposium Prof. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, head of the Iraqi Economic Council opened hello to Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Ali al-Adeeb and Ali Keywords and Dr. Sami al-Araji, head of the National Investment Commission and a number of members of parliament and a number of gentlemen advisers and deputy ministers and general managers of a number of institutions, banks and government distinctive and elite group of women and men business and gave a quick presentation on the activities and events economic Council.

See Economic Council

It was offered a vision Economic Council where he offered three of the members of the Economic Council of the Iraqi perceptions.

He spoke Prof. Ali Shamara second deputy chairman of the Iraqi Economic Council in his intervention about the need to expand the non-oil financial resources by reducing the import and support the national product, by placing a quota import inversely proportional to the productivity of industrial and national agricultural private and government sector for the product energy.

He stressed Professor Baqer Mashat member of the Iraqi Council of Economic Council administration on the need to activate a true partnership with the private sector and not only on paper. He also pointed to "the need to accelerate the process of privatization that everyone is afraid to speak it."

He said there must be the will of the government and the parliamentary and courageous decisions in order to convert and sell government laboratories and factories losing to the private sector to be profitable institutions contribute in supplying the product nationally and output.

Had alerted Mr. Rahmani leading member of the Council of Economic Council administration to "the need for reforming the tax system," as is one of the most important mechanisms that if Manfzt been repaired, it will contribute effectively in supporting and activating the Iraqi Aalaguetsad.

He stressed that "banks such as the blood that flows in the veins of all the body in addition to the need for interest on loans and banking facilities to reduce, as well as the banking sector enters and contribute to the performance and success of all other economic sectors."

Abdul-Mahdi and criticism of the central outlook 

Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, spoke about his vision for the revitalization of the Iraqi economy and said that "there are between 400-500 thousand individual qualifies annually for the labor market and the country has been saturated, including increased operational capacity for absorbed." He added, "So it must be to find solutions through the activation of the private sector and make a total reversal of the central vision of the state because the state consider the private sector as a child and not the end."

Eating Abdul-Mahdi, the importance of activating the banks Whatever the banking sector is weak, the revitalization of economic activity in the country should go through it with the necessity of education and encourage the process of saving and re-lending the benefits of a simplified, even if the state shouldered part of these benefits in order to activate certain sectors.

He concluded that he "must be given to the role of the private sector and deal with him as a partner in the economic construction and not a competitor Agrem, as we have to admit that the government is a failed businessman and corrupt."

Bonds .. concerns and guarantees

Mr. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, head of the Council pointed to the early steps that action by the Council for the purpose of activating the idea of ​​bonds in cooperation with the Governor of the Central Bank and the brothers in the office of the Prime Minister has wished the Governor of the Central Bank should not make these bonds caused losses to businessmen because deducted the government banks.

And cross-Baghdadi feared the first two things, "the launch of these bonds delay" and the second "discount percentage of the amounts of such bonds which leads to great damage to corporate creditors added wrong to itself as a result of delayed dues in exchange for more than two years in addition to the loss realized as a result of decline in the dinar exchange rate by It reached almost 7%. "

Central reassurances

On the Keywords central bank governor spoke about the Iraqi central role in moving the economy and the creation of economic and financial balance and the theme of government bonds.

He said the interest that has been given to the arrears of the government were not fair and it must be the interest, up to 12%, but the government has given only 5% in the case of bond discount for the purpose of turning them into cash at banks, the bondholder will only lose 5%. Turning to the 92% of the budget is from oil revenues, and only 8% of the rest of the other local economic resources and sustainable balance requires that there be a balance between revenue and earnings in this case, only 8% considered sustainable resources.

Turning that he supports any idea to stimulate the economy even if the idea of ​​reducing the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar raised by the businessman Mr Raed Rahmani that recognizes in parliament.

He said he senses the suffering of the private sector over the past years and should be the rule of law because it is the basis for the provision of business properly support investment and the movement of work for that environment, we are working to find any solution helps to support and stimulate the enhancement of the role and responsibility of the central bank in economic revitalization. At the end of 2016 economic activity will be a bank Central government has lent up to 30 trillion dinars. 

The agricultural sector

He spoke Firat Tamimi, head of the Agriculture Committee in the Parliament and demanded to give the role of agriculture through legislation, laws and protection of commercial dumping through the open border.

He spoke MP Abdul Karim al-Naqib member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Former Abdul Abbas Xiaa about the need to support the private sector because of its important role, as highlighted by Dr. Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the parliamentary finance committee spotlight on corruption, which eliminates all the initiatives and the suffering of the private sector in light of the complexities and extortion corrupt in some aspects of the state and that he would not develop an economy without a start to bringing law and accounting mischief.

Jubouri said "We are in the eighties we exported agricultural materials The central bank calculates the discharge of the dollar, which comes at a special price of export encouragement while now forbidden the export of agricultural products."
"I asked Mr. MP Furat al-Tamimi that they work through the Committee on Agriculture to allow for the export of agricultural materials to encourage investment in this sector."

He stressed that "the purpose of stimulating the economy may be to reduce reliance on the human element in the transaction and the need to rely on an electronic database for all activities and information and to reduce manipulation other by winning several salaries or privileges because of the electronic control."

social Security

Following Jubouri Note Adel Abdul Mahdi on social security and pointed out the law to the need for support to encourage reverse migration of workers from the public sector to the private sector and with the poor condition of the private sector now, but he will not be dominated them apart again because he always finds a solution to every problem.

He said that "this migration needs to approve the social security system just and actor treats all Iraqis fairly with a social health insurance system integrated and turn security department of the Department of levying tax now to an actor and an important element in stimulating the market through the treatment of private sector employees like the officer of the public sector and encourage immigration is through incentives. "

"One of these incentives is the privatization of state-owned companies, a project that worked on for many years but the reality of the situation Lovers something completely different constitution and the state explained that he works in accordance with the market economy, but Applied practices are a socialist economy and the full contradiction."

He went on to say "it is necessary to support state-owned companies to be privatized through the sale of half of the companies for employees through shares their resignations from the government requirement and turn them to investors and partners in the companies and the other half be put to the IPO."

The idea carried out in Moldova by granting shares for every citizen no matter how old the purse offered for privatization of state property and the private sector to buy non-addressed to a particular plant these shares, but is more like a currency, and bought some some government property. This one the ideas of transformation and privatization has supported the attendees need to support the transition and migration of labor from the government to the private sector in particular. Ended m h n