The role of the private sector is required in which the trade exchange between Iraq and the world is centered in the oil and dates

7/2/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning ,
said the spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul - Zahra al - Hindawi said trade conducted by Iraq with the countries of the world depends primarily major oil and a fraction of the agricultural exports of Baltimore.

He said al - Hindawi told the «morning» that the commercial exchange of goods imported by Iraq is a Mubadala oil imported goods and products, indicating that this operation came after he became Iraq 's economy Rieia relies on oil to finance the budget.

He noted that the products exported by countries to Iraq is a production of the private sector companies to those countries, indicating the importance that takes Iraqi private sector his role in the diversification of exports and domestic products.

He Hindawi said Iraqi exports of dates the percentage is very small proportion compared to what issued by the country's crude oil to the countries of the world.

The Iraq suffers from an imbalance evident in the external trade balance because of the tyranny of the volume of imports on non - oil exports.

It is intended trade balance «BOT» an acronym for (balance of trade) as a measurement of the overall difference between exports index (production) and imports for goods in the state, one of the components of the balance of payments, it is also one of the important economic indicators , which lies its value in the components of the analysis and not in value absolute.

Iraq has good trade relations with the countries of the region and the Pacific regional and even Asian countries, including China , as the volume of trade exchange with the size, as announced Chinese ambassador to Iraq, Chen Wei Qing US $ 20 billion at the time called for it to strengthen relations between the two countries in the various fields.

He said Qing in an earlier statement: " the trade exchange between Iraq and China amounted to US $ 20 billion over the past year , " noting that "China has become a major trade partner of Iraq."

The affected commercial traffic between Iraq and Jordan dramatically after July last year , as confirmed by captain Guild Jordanian trucks owners Mohammed Daoud.

But Iraq 's ambassador to Jordan , Safiya al - Suhail said during a press conference held at the headquarters of the embassy in Amman, the end of the month of May: the crossing is ready administratively and logistically to open it , but the organization «Daash» transplant before he left area has many mines and improvised explosive devices.

In the same context , the Armenian government has announced to increase trade exchange with Iraq rate of 30 percent annually, indicating that reached $ 132 million during the year 2015.

According to the Deputy Minister of the Armenian economy, Jargen Melkonian who was quoted by state media, the average rose during the year 2015, to $ 132 million compared with 49 million dollars during the year 2012.

And the volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Turkey , said the parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi: The «volume of trade exchange between Iraq and Turkey declined in recent years», indicating that « trade for 2013 amounted to $ 16 billion, falling in 2014 to 10.66 billion dollars ».

She Tamimi in a press statement late last week that« Iraq should focus on Iraq 's exports to Turkey through Turkey definition of Iraqi products which will impact on the development of the industry, in addition to promote the exchange of experiences with Turkish companies ».