Law: We do not mind changing the negligent ministers and prefer not to make a new governmental changes currently 7.1.2016 14:31
Long-Presse / Baghdad
He said State of Law coalition, on Friday, did not mind any change to his ministers or others if it is proved "negligence or failure" in their work, while the possibility of compensating the ministers who accepted the resignation agreement with the bloc, preferred "not to make a" new ministerial changes is a guarantee for " not to confuse the "political situation.
The leader of the coalition, Salah Abdul-Razzaq, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that the "appropriate complement government cabin to fill the gap where," adding that it could be "compensated ministers who accepted their resignations with the agreement of the political blocs."
And saw the leader of the coalition headed by Nouri al-Maliki, that "a new round of ministerial changes confuse the situation and admit us in again spiral, at a time when we need to be backed by the political blocs to a stable government," noting that "a coalition of state law does not mind changing his ministers if the there is evidence of the failure or negligence in their work, such as the non-implementation of the ministry's budget or the presence of corruption and serious accusations by the integrity Commission emphasizes that, not unreasonably just change, as happened in the closed cabin circumstance. "
He said Abdul Razak, that "the coalition's position on the change of Ministers includes everyone and not those belonging to him," stressing that "the coalition's position stems from his desire to achieve reform and make it a success."
The Federal Supreme Court, in the (28 June 2016), Irrelevance Bgelsta the House of Representatives on 14 and 26 April, while attributed the reasons to the contrary sessions of articles 14 and 38 of the Iraqi constitution decided, which means the parliament's decision to appoint a number of ministers and the return of Minister resigned to their posts until they find an alternative to them.