Parliamentary work bearing the Ministry of Finance delayed the launch of social welfare benefits
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brought to the Labour and Social Affairs parliamentary, the Ministry of Finance delayed the launch of the persons entitled to social welfare payments.
The deputy chairman of the Committee, UNAM We were told all of Iraq [where], "It 's unfortunate not to launch social subsidy slice salaries, and we support the demand of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs about that," adding that " the subsidy payment of salaries to them delay would adversely affect the needy slides because they are in dire need for these funds , especially in the month of Ramadan and near the Eid al - Fitr. "
he added that " we as a committee parliamentary work, we will continue to put pressure on those responsible in the Ministry of Finance, for the launch of these funds and the Ministry of Labour Nashidtna to be in support of "noting" perhaps the scarcity of financial liquidity is The last of these amounts, but nonetheless supposed to launch and not be delayed. "
He stressed we were , " there will be correspondences and visits continuing to the Finance Ministry, to secure the amounts of social welfare or resorting to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, even ordering the Ministry of Finance release of these funds. "
The Ministry of Labour and social Affairs called in late May and the Ministry of Finance firing Althsasat own for social assistance, and re - address it in the middle of this month, but the Finance Ministry did not respond to the claims of the Ministry of Labour, which pushed to address the Prime Minister to intervene and launch subsidies mentioned.