Badr bloc is delaying the execution of terrorists' disregard for the blood of the martyrs and their families
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} head of the parliamentary bloc Badr Qasim al-Araji called for the implementation of death sentences against all the terrorists who have issued verdicts against them a piece saying the delay contempt and disregard for the blood of the martyrs with their families.
The al - Araji , in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on the need for the competent authorities to implement all the death sentences against the terrorists who were sentenced verdicts are final, "surprising the" silence on the Arab and foreign terrorists.
He pointed out that" no one 's interest delay implementation of these provisions , "noting that" the delay in the implementation of sentences for criminals Spyker is a major unfavorable to the martyrs and unjustly great for families. "
He added that" half - orphans, widows and the rumor of Justice is to execute all who have contributed to the killing of Iraqis, "explaining that" a large number of countries around the world applied the death penalty 's deterrent but Aiatrd one while we see a big fuss in Iraq aimed at the defense of terrorism and to prevent the country 's stability ".anthy