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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed the reason for the postponement of the battle to liberate Mosul, changing the Strategic Military which was prepared in advance and efforts to liberate the city from the terrorist organization Daash.
He pointed Abadi, during a meeting with leaders of the popular crowd, to be the reason for the postponement of the fight that some politicians (without designated) leaking some military plans to terrorist groups in the city, refusing at the same time sounds that do not allow the Iraqis to fight and frees their land and participate in the battles, including the Battle edit Mosul. He said al-Abadi to abuse of the rally popular is the "abuse of Iraqis," adding that "the crowd problem resolution, and is linked to the Iraqi government, and within the official military organizations fighter, We the Iraqis refuse to have a strong will to liberate their land from the grip of the organization Daash terrorist, currently have the capacity to achieve victory and the defeat of the organization ". He criticized Abadi allegations that allow the exit of the terrorists and the existence of a dialogue with them, pointing out that this is a crime against the Iraqi people and displaced and fighters, surprising rumors that coincided with the liberalization of Fallujah, which was launched some of them inside Iraq, and said that some have tried to exaggerate by saying that 700 cars gangs Daash fled Fallujah, adding that "the fact that there is a range of cars to Daash tried to escape after being caught because they were not expecting this defeat, was destroyed and the death toll from a large terrorists" .anthy