America is preparing to receive 10 thousand Syrian refugees
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Thread: America is preparing to receive 10 thousand Syrian refugees

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    America is preparing to receive 10 thousand Syrian refugees


    Follow-up / .. announced US Secretary of Homeland Security Jay Johnson, said Friday that the United States is moving toward fully fulfill its promise to receive 10 thousand Syrian refugees by the first of next October, although administrative and political obstacles.
    The minister said before a committee in the Senate, said that the United States was "more than just the five thousand" Syrian refugees threshold, adding that authorities "agreed" on between 5000 and 6000 an additional request. He added, "So I think that we are going to exceed the 10" Syrian refugees threshold. After US President Barack Obama touched on in the previous difficult humanitarian situation resulting from the war in Syria, called to receive more Syrian refugees during the 2016 fiscal year, which ends on September 30. However, the process has slowed down because of administrative obstacles and doubts about the reception standards and also to make proposals in Congress aimed at curbing immigration. The minister pointed out that the United States "The security standards to the process where it was justified." Shortly after the attacks in Paris that took place last November warned a number of deputies in addition to the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the likelihood of infiltration of al Daash to the United States among the refugees. He was director of the CIA, John Brennan warned in mid-June 2015 that al Daash "seeks likely" to send items to Western countries using the "refugees and secret networks and methods of the flow of legitimate travel." Trump also called on US authorities to halt the reception of immigrants from the Middle East waiting to examine ways to improve the applications they provide. He said Trump earlier this month: "I have enough of what our problems are currently without a permit to enter the Syrians," adding, "may be organized Daash and we have to stop all of that immediately." In contrast to Trump demanded that Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton to receive 65 thousand refugees Sora.anthy 5


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