The Ministry of Planning endorsement of the province of Babylon Development Plan

Long-Presse / Babylon
Ratified by the Ministry of Planning, on Friday, the Babil province, a plan for regional development projects for 2016, as promised conservative management decision as "the first step" to revive the domestic market in the governorate. The governor of Babil Agency Engineer Sam Aslan Jubouri, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Finance addressed regardless allocated to the province of Babylon, the money, the development of regions within the 2016 program." He said al-Jubouri, the "conservative allocations within the regional development program of $ 66 billion and 778 million dinars," noting that "conservative allocations of petro dollars amounting to 5 billion and 784 million dinars." He Jubouri, that "the approval is the first step to pay the dues of companies operating in the province and revive the movement of the market to maintain." The Babil Provincial Council approved a project development plan and sent it to the Office of the province, in order approved by the Ministry of Planning which only include the ongoing work projects.