Detail ... Integrity reveals a great failure in the detection of financial receivables for MPs
Published on: Today
, 13:50
BAGHDAD / Sky Press
Integrity Commission announced, Thursday, the semi-annual report for 2016, the first since January until Thursday, June 30.

The head of the Hassan Yassiri at a news conference attended by "Sky Press," that "the volume of communications and Alakhbarat and consider issues during the first half of this year amounted to 13 226 tip, news, this size is too large global comparison, and include issues files small, central and great."

He added, "it was the resolution of 7888 communiqué by 54% and this ratio is very large considered in six months, in addition to a 1319 communication to the Integrity Commission and resolved 100%, either Alakhbarat reaching 2866 news resolving them 60% and the remainder is still under consideration."

He Yasiri "The criminal cases to complete the investigation and referral to the judiciary, reaching 9041 case of a very large number global measurement and forms and resolving them 54%," pointing out that "the accused who has integrity status of their papers body to the judiciary, bringing the number in 1891, accusing them six ministers or their grade and were sentenced to eight and 99 referral decisions with special grades and general managers and their grade 151 referral decision. "

He pointed out that "the verdicts reached 900 sentenced included four ministers and their grade and sentenced to five convictions and 20 of those with special grades and public managers and their grade," noting that "the verdicts peremptory reached 225 sentenced them one judgment against one minister and five provisions against five directors two years and their grade. "

He noted the head of the Integrity Commission to be "arrested and recruitment orders issued to spend integrity based on investigations Integrity bringing the number of warrants issued during the first half of this year 2165 an order carried out, including 462 ordered in the number of orders that have not been implemented by the concerned authorities in 1031 ordered and the remainder of which was canceled. "

He Yasiri that "a number of arrest warrants and the recruitment of ministers and their grade were 12 ministers, mostly from the former and sentenced to 18 arrest warrants and 51 of special grades and general managers issued against them 104 orders arrest warrant and the introduction of" adding that "the number of judicial recruitment orders totaled 3016 order and the introduction of 26 ministers, "pointing out that" detention orders stood at 432, including an order to arrest the integrity issues seven six with special grades and directors-general's orders. "

He said that "seizure red-handed operations were carried out in the first half of this year, 24 the process of adjusting them eight operations in the Directorate of achieving Baghdad and 16 process in the departments and offices of the Commission on Public Integrity in the provinces and resulted in the adjusted 68 defendants and this does not include hot provinces."

According to "the recovery of more than 16.5 billion dinars to the state treasury during the first half of this year."

And received the most wanted fugitives outside Iraq during the first half of this year Yassiri said: "There are 308 files to extradite fugitives wanted for the judicial them new and old have been processing 212 files during this period, either in the pipeline are 53 files and previous years 32 dossier, either closed, including regard to files delivery and we mean that the convicted but turned himself in or been sentenced or imprisoned or palm search for him at the request of the public prosecutor in 2016, a two files. "

He pointed out that "ready-made files that relate to the ministers and rank shall be fixed 28 file and special grades and general managers 93 dossier and less of them 91 dossier being prepared for the ministers and 35 grades for general managers and 9 for without them, and the CSS encompassing ministers and 9 without special grades and general managers.

And about recovering the money smuggled Chairman of the Integrity Commission that he had declared "the Commission has worked on 70 files to retrieve the smuggled money during the first half of this year, and was ready including seven files, and retained 33 dossier and under preparation 3 files and retained 15 files and closed seven files, and retained 5 Files".

"Either ready files relating to the recovery of money from ministers and their grade were four grades and managers 10 and Dunham 26, and there is no pipeline minister files Ohnak two grades and special general managers and 16 file for without them there is no closed minister and four grades and special general managers 8 dossier to without them." .

And on the disclosure of financial receivables and disclosed during the first half of this year 2016 Yasiri pointed to "the existence of 9002 form during this period," stressing that "covered officials in response to a Form obliging and legal duty falls to assume the position and responsibility."

He pointed to "get a deterioration in the financial disclosure rates through 2015, where not exceed the percentage to 59%, and after that the body hold accountable those responsible to disclose financial disclosure had retreated to disclose ratios."

He explained that "the proportion of the President in response to the financial disclosure for this year has handed over 100% in the first week and this also happened to the prime minister and head of the House of Representatives, all of whom handed in 02/01/2016."

Among Yasiri "response rate of Ministers in the first half of 2016 were 83% and officials of independent associations and who are the rank of minister 88% and members of parliament, 18%, and the 58 deputies of the 328 deputies," noting that "the possibility of hauling retarded to reveal their financial interests to the judiciary."+

He pointed out that "the proportion of financial disclosure by the executive members of the government were much higher than members of parliament and this is what is surprising since it is often the opposite in this aspect."