For this reason Badr parliamentary demanding the dissolution of the Electoral Commission
Published on: Today
, 14:09
BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
The President of the parliamentary bloc Badr Qasim al-Araji, Thursday, on the need to resolve the electoral commission and the formation of another far away from any partisan orientation.

He said in a statement received "Sky Press," that "we see the importance of resolving the electoral commission and the formation of a new Commission based on competence and professional integrity element."

He added that "the importance of the feminine presence of Commissioner for 37 years and director of nine agents," noting "the great importance that the work involved in this serious institution that determines the nature of the political process and show the winning blocs, which leads the country after every election."+

And it announced the Integrity Commission, Thursday revealed financial receivables and disclosed during the first half of the year in 2016 and pointed Yasiri to "the presence of 9002 form during this period," stressing that "covered officials in response to Form a Requirement and the duty of a legal falls to the assume the position and responsibility."