Abadi reaffirms its commitment to the decision of the Federal Court declares working with new and returning ministers


(Independent) ... stressed the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi commitment to the Federal Court's decision on Irrelevance Bgelsta the House of Representatives, and while noting his willingness to work with all ministers, whether new or returning.

Ebadi said in an interview a number of media representatives and I followed (Independent) today, "I respect the decision of the Federal Court and committed to its decision to the unconstitutionality of the first meeting of the House of Representatives as a quorum was not achieved, as well as the appeal by the vote, which took place during the second session," stressing that "waits legal aspects of the decision whether to include all or ministers who have been voting for them only. "

Abadi stressed "readiness to deal with any minister, whether they are new, who returned after a Federal Court decision," pointing out that "the government reshuffle is a small part of the reform in order to bring in new blood."

Abadi said that "the conflicts that have occurred within the House of Representatives are caused by accumulated issues in parliament and not a government decision on the government amendment."

The Federal Supreme Court decided earlier Irrelevance Bgelsta the House of Representatives on 14 and 26 April, while the reasons attributed to the sessions violation of articles 14 and 38 of the Iraqi Constitution. (End)