Iraqi Cement: sales during the five months amounted to 71 billion dinars

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Wednesday, for the achievement of the General Company for Iraqi Cement major development in the production and sales levels, showed that the Iraqi cement sales during the five months amounted to 71 billion Iraqi dinars, attributed the rise indicators and progress in the marketing of its product to prevent the import of cement and reduce the sale price of oil the black. The director of the media center at the ministry, Abdul Wahid al-Shammari, said in a statement, received a (long-Presse), a copy of which, "The State Company for Iraqi Cement has achieved great development in the production and sales levels for the first five months of this year after the merger and the issuance of decisions to control the quality of and import of cement, "noting that" this development is the result of proper plans and programs set by the Minister of industry Mohammed Darraji and his hard work for the advancement of the cement industry in Iraq. " He attributed the al-Shammari, these developments to "ministerial steps marked by the integration of the southern and northern and Iraqi cement companies and one company and the issuance of Cabinet decisions prohibiting import of cement material and control the quality of cement and prevent the entry of donations and gifts of cement imported all kinds and his charges, along with successful procedures followed by the company in its policy marketing through cuts and discounts in selling prices, in addition to state support in terms of reduced sales of black oil supplier of furnaces and power plants where the price. " He Shammari, that "the company's sales of the first five this year for the month amounted to (747,547) tons worth 71 billion dinars and by the development amounted to 126%," pointing out that "This is reflected positively on the level of financial performance in it." The Director of the Media Center at the Ministry of Industry, "the company was willing and cooperation with all public and private laboratories for the processing of the liberated areas of the organization Daash terrorist in the quantities of cement at affordable rates to contribute to the reconstruction campaigns in those areas," revealing "studied plan to invest all the company's plants in order to turn them into productive plants, according to the central decision-free economic policy. "