Iran exported food products and construction for Iraq to $ 346 million and is waiting for Baghdad 's decision on gas


Baghdad / Hamid Ahmed

It revealed Iran's Qasr-e Shirin conservative management, on Wednesday, the export value of $ 346 million of local goods to Iraq via the implementers border crossings during the first three months of the Iranian year, which began on the twentieth of March, while the announced National Gas Company of Iran, its readiness to export gas to Iraq in the event of the latter expressing his desire and readiness to do so.

The governor of Qasr-e Shirin, Murad Ali Tatar, in his statements yesterday, followed up (range Press), "The value of Iranian goods exported to Iraq through the executors Parfchkan and Khosravi pillars, during the current first three months of the Iranian year, which began on 20 March, stood at about $ 346 million. "

He Tatar, that "the total weight of the exported materials to Iraq amounted to 826 thousand tons," noting that it "ranged from cement material, air coolers, food, biscuits, cakes and pastries, vegetables and paper, tomatoes, fruit and cans of tomato paste, dairy products, as well as construction equipment."

He explained the governor, that "worth seven million dollars of goods exported to Iraq through the Khosravi border port," following up the "value of $ 339 million of goods, was released through the official port Parfchkan border with the Iraqi Kurdistan region."

For his part, administration National Iranian Gas Company Director, (NIGC), Ali Reza Kamali, in remarks, followed up (range Press), said that "Iran is ready to export gas to Iraq if he is ready and is ready for that."

The Kamali, said that "everything related to the technical aspects of the operations of export infrastructure and pipeline to pump gas, they are all ready for this task," he said, adding that Baghdad and Tehran are both technically ready to exchange their gas exports. "

He Kamali, that "the developments in the security of the Iraqi scene and after achieving victories on the organization (Daash), could push the Iraqi side, soon, to declare his readiness to receive Iranian gas exports."

It will cover the export of four million cubic meters of gas per day to Iraq's needs of electric power stations operating in Iraq, and the possible increase export capacity to 35 million cubic meters of gas per day.