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Ayad heavenly Federal Court decision yesterday to cancel two sessions of the House of Representatives in the fourteenth and twenty-sixth of April, brought political reform to point the subject of zero, the political powers are opposing announced its position to accept the decision and commitment him,

and that means the return of the House of Representatives to the pre-fourteenth of April, and means the return of political reform project to the forefront again after the cancellation of sessions and resulted from them, and the real reform demanded by our people, the oppressed and the helpless,

but reform demanded by Moqtada al-Sadr or Haider al-Abadi, or Saleem al-Jubouri, people want real reform of the structure and the structure of the existing political system, which failed miserably in building the system and institutions of genuine democracy, and gave the worst system of corruption and violation of public money in the world,

this corruption that has lengthened everyone did not distance him to a political party or bloc , do not return anymore CSS or circumstance for which the Government of technocrats deceived by the people or for the chaos and the attack on state institutions.

The reform we want and seek it needs first and foremost a political wills secure political reform, and not to an empty mess and an assault on state institutions and tampered with slogans, there is no way to achieve this desired reform only through a parliamentary bloc transient communities adopt a reform approach and a way to get rid of the current system based on sectarian and national and party quotas,

the first step centered in the creation of this cross-sectarian political bloc, and the second step is to adopt a real program of reform takes it upon himself to rebuild the entire political process on the basis of non-foundations of the existing system,
and re-writing of the Iraqi constitution new hands that is hands that wrote the current constitution, the real thrust of the reform of the judicial system and build an independent judiciary away from the desires of the rulers and Msajrihm.

After the decision of the Federal Court, it became the Salk Every member of the House of Representatives to join under the banner of the cross-sectarian political bloc the road, Vn quotas system on the satellite channels, media and stick it in the parliament,

it has become exposed and no longer fool the public opinion, and this is what we saw from logo (Hla gouge), which proved not to his credibility, it was sincere in his system quotas, here's the opportunity in front of him to enroll under the banner of this political bloc and pounce on this system that has brought us the scourge of corruption,

and my speech that is directed primarily to deputies bloc and Liberal MPs Badr bloc national and House of Representatives in the mass of Iraqi forces union, led by mass solution, and the House of Representatives of the Kurds who refuse to separate from the Iraqi nation and the preservation of a unified Iraq, there is no excuse anymore about who fails to enroll Front reform,

but everyone knows that the continued existence of quotas system will lead the country inevitably lead to division and sectarian fighting .

Author Ayad heavenly

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