Investment Opportunities in Maysan, including paper and sugar factory

Published in: 16:01, June 29, 2016

Economy - opinion -
Maysan Provincial Council announced the availability of 11 new investment opportunity in the province concern the sectors of industry, agriculture, electricity, Youth and Sports.

The head of the investment committee in the provincial council Mohammad Majid Hoaa in a press statement that "Maysan Investment Authority raised (11) a new investment opportunity to revive the economic reality of the governorate."

He added: "One of the new opportunities include a paper mill Maysan stalled work for lack of seriousness of the government Ptohelh and return to work, and four other opportunities related to the agricultural sector and the other to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and misses Astosmareeten laboratory Hadi vegetable oils and plant sugar and ranch and misses two more to build swimming pools and sports hall integrated, as well as opportunity the other to set up a power plant with a capacity of 750 MW. " is over