Chairman of the Investment Authority: optimistic about the economic development which will get between Iraq and Iran

Published in: 22:57, June 29, 2016

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Said Sami al-Araji, head of the Iraqi Investment Authority, said the prospects of joint cooperation between Iraq and Iran is very large, considering that the two neighbors were Muslims share a lot of links and the participants, pointing out that economic relations are very important for both countries.

We signed in the past year investment between Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the agreement, and this agreement was not signed by Iraq with many Arab countries so far, and this is a major achievement in terms of economic relations between the two countries. "

Araji said "there is a great progress in all directions economic and trade between the two countries to cooperate, and we are in the process there will be a council of businessmen to include the development and reconstruction," stressing that "the prospects of joint cooperation between Iran and Iraq are too high and I am optimistic it too, because they are neighbors two Muslim countries linked by many things economic aspects are very important for the two countries'.

"He said Iraqi Prime Investment Authority that "Iraq is able to provide to Iran in the economic and commercial side, a lot of investment, business and trade as well, and also the opposite is true, Iran is also able to provide Iraq, we are optimistic dramatically progress that will happen in the coming period." .

Araji stressed that "the trade exchange between the two countries rise to the top of the 14 billion dollars which is currently located, and this number is not a little, and, God willing, this figure is rising with time and be more and more and we all hope so, but we Alih'.anthy