Experts: to promote and publicize the task of central loans preliminary Economy

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News / special student a number of financial experts and the economy need to promote and publicize the central bank loans, amounting to six and a half trillion dinars in order not to give room for brokers to exploit.

The economist said Bassem Jamil Antoine expert in an interview with "Economy News", said the central bank was quick to support the Iraqi economy through the release of soft loans to citizens and the unemployed, projects and this is a good thing, but it must be accompanied by a range of measures notably promote and publicize those loans.

Antoine said that there are citizens until Allen does not Evqo what those loans or how it will take place and who is responsible, and how if they encountered a problem or blackmail or gimmick where Ivhbo How could presentation by noting that at least at the current stage is the definition of those loans and nature.
Antoine said that the electronic form seem difficult for some people walk in here and brokers have begun Adjuln that there must be an educational destinations by the concerned authorities, organizations and the media to explain the mechanism.
The cell, the governmental crisis, headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi acknowledged, in August 2015, the lending program, which is funded by the Iraqi Central Bank amounting to five trillion dinars, distributed by 33% to agricultural and industrial banks and 17% for each of the Land Bank and housing fund, as well as financing bank Central banks own an amount trillion dinars for the implementation of small and medium enterprises.

The CBI count, in September 2015, that the granting of small, medium and large enterprise loans will develop the national economy and assured banks that they will bring back citizens' confidence and trust, and while calling an expert to facilitate the task of borrowers through the mechanisms of "modern and flexible" far from "the quota system and the mafias of corruption", criticized Last divided being "did not take into account" the country's needs and priorities of citizens.

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