Federal Court pre-empt the "reforms" Abadi and restore legitimacy to the presidency of the parliament

After a month of pleadings court ruling, yesterday, the invalidity of the parliamentary session that ended with the dismissal of the Presidium of the latter, and was considered a session April 26 "unconstitutional", scheduled for invalidity actions witnessed by the vote on the dismissal of a number of ministers and selection of replacements for them.
The House of Representatives held two meetings on 14 and 26 last April, the political situation turbulent which repeatedly failed the House of Representatives to vote on the choice of new ministers was presented by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, against the backdrop of an atmosphere of popular protests angry ended stormed parliament late last April building. and try the prime minister to change the current ministers who are linked to parties political others technocrats, but faced fierce opposition from the political blocs that want to keep control over these positions. systems and the leader of Sadr series of demonstrations in which the government called for the formation of a government Tkonaqrat, and his supporters stormed the heavily fortified green Zone twice, first at the end of April, and the second early May past. the judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, spokesman for the judiciary, said that " the Federal Supreme Court heard today to challenge the constitutionality of two sessions of the House of Representatives sessions held last month claims." he pointed Birqadr that in " the last term were freed Court to consider claims of the importance of the subject and of respect for the parties and the recognition of the status country. " he said judiciary spokesman said" the court concluded that on the 26th of April hearing was unconstitutional, for the reasons you've listed at the meeting and that form the constitutional violations may not be taking their decisions, even if the present number of House of Representatives quorum. " he explained Birqadr "as for the day April 14 court hearing has decided to introduce the report of the experts as incomplete quorum by the presence of 131 deputies , while making decisions subject to appeal before the court and therefore made ​​the decision declared unconstitutional the meeting." it is said that a quorum for the meeting is half plus one the number of House of Representatives of 328 deputies, ie 165 deputies to achieve a quorum. a report by the Committee of experts challenged quorum April 14 hearing, but he questioned the validity of the session April 26 procedures. the AFP quoted a judicial source as saying about the illegality of this meeting , " the court found that it took place under atmosphere of conflict with the freedom of opinion , including entry guards and prevent deputies from entering the hall and the conditions that accompanied the presence of Lashkar - e, and the transfer of the session from place to place without announcing it in advance. " it seemed the Speaker of parliament of the leading gainers of the decision of the judiciary, as he welcomed and respected the decision not to Irrelevance Bgelsta on 14 and April 26. And considered the "end" of the attempts that you want to "disrupt" the work of Parliament in the next stage, threatening to sue the "cause of sabotaging public money and mislead justice or of posing as an official capacity." He said the media office of the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri, in a statement received (long - Presse) a copy of , " The House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , Tuesday expressed his respect for the decision of the Federal Court , which was issued this day and on the unconstitutionality of the two sessions , on 14 and 26 April." The statement quoted al - Jubouri , saying that "this decision was made ​​to confirm what I went to him the presidency of the House of Representatives and most of political blocs of unconstitutional practices by the number of objectors House of Representatives , "noting that" any change in state institutions must be the starting point of the legal and constitutional materials. "

The president of the parliament that "this decision came at the right time and finished all the attempts that you want to obstruct the work of the House of Representatives in the next phase , " stressing that " he was careful that the court ruling issued before proceeding with the work of the House of Representatives the third legislative year, and in order for the Council of its constitutional duties on a regular basis, and to cut the road in front of each of protest against the decision of the Federal Court for non - compliance with constitutional duties entrusted to it by the people. " House Speaker stressed that" this decision does not fall his legal right to resume the establishment of criminal proceedings against those who caused sabotaging money General and mislead justice or of posing as an official status illegally. " in a related development, said parliament rapporteur MP Imad Youkhana said the Federal Court decision" is binding on all political parties. " said Youkhana, in a statement seen by (range)," the court 's decision Federal non - esteem Bgelsta parliament on 14 and 26 April , returned things to what it once was. " he said parliament rapporteur" The issuance of this decision proved the independence and neutrality of the Federal Court and stressed that it is not subject to any pressure , "noting that it" has become binding and prohibited all political parties, what makes the atmosphere of the upcoming parliamentary sessions appropriate to convene again after the legislative end of the holiday. " he guessed Youkhana that the House resumes after the Eid al - Fitr holiday, had been expecting a crowd of parliament from all parties after the decision of the Federal Court. he said John, in an interview with (long - Presse ), said that "It is likely that the House proceed to hold meetings after the end of Eid al - Fitr holiday, which will be after the end of the legislative term holiday, on the first of next July , " likely to "see the House of Representatives session, attended parliamentarians from all parties and blocs, after the decision Federal Court. " under the decision of the Federal Court will be five ministers, who Abadi asked parliament sacked and replaced by new ministers can, return to the office , especially with the challenges presented by the three of them the decision of dismissal. the Federal Court has delayed, earlier this June, considering darts Minister objectors, who are the ministers of health, electricity, labor and social affairs, for the pending darts parliamentary sessions. the face of the Federal Court decision a severe blow to the efforts of the Prime Minister to conduct a government reform in ministerial his booth, which will increase pressure the cleric it. Prime Minister did not issue any comment on the decision. The MP Faleh applicable, for the citizen member of the bloc, the Federal Court decision a blow to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, and the creation of no - confidence with him after the feast, according to a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday.
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