Issued 424 identity of the Interior for retirees in Baghdad

{Baghdad} Euphrates News issued a retirement Management Directorate at the ministry identity of 424 retired retirees in the province of Baghdad.
According to an Interior Ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that "pension management in the ministry sent a 909 treatment to the National Pension Commission of all provinces for the purpose of completing the procedures, after almost a month on direct retirement Management Directorate at the Ministry of Interior joint work with national pension Commission team to accomplish the martyrs, the wounded and the rest of the retirees of the Ministry of internal transactions. "
He pointed to the " Exchange 424 pension identity of the province of Baghdad , only during the period referred to , "explaining that" orders were 186 applications , "noting that" this increase is due to previous transactions accumulated As issuance of identity for the rest of the provinces there is a difficulty in getting the setup right now , ".anthy