Interior looking issuing uncles adoption of the national card and hold negligent
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} examined the Interior Ministry today issued uncles need to adopt national card.
According to a ministry statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, " the minister Mohammed Ghaban chaired today 's regular meeting of the project the card, During the meeting , a review of the work the recommendations of the previous meeting and follow up the implementation of the directives in question."
He added that " the meeting discussed the terms of the meeting which is to instruct the Directorate public sex in the search for alternative routes which would speed up the work procedures in the national card project and the completion of the necessary infrastructure to open new centers. "
the statement continued , " and then was discussed the subject of re - evaluation of directors of departments involved in the project on the basis of providing better services to citizens , "he said . " The participants also discussed the need for national uncles issuing the card adoption and hold negligent ".anthy