Security expert: the deaths of 90% of the founders of Daash and al-Baghdadi in Mosul
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security expert provides advice to the Iraqi government for terrorist Daash gangs, that about 90% of the founders of the leaders Daash said had been killed. "
Said Hisham al - Hashimi, in a press statement , "The 39 out of the 43 leading established Daash have been killed."
He added that " the leader of Daash Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi , traveling in a desert quasi areas along thousands of square kilometers west of the Tigris River and south of Mosul and avoids Syria after two nearest killed aides this year, Abu Omar Chechen [Secretary of war and the most senior civilian in Abdul Rahman Alqadola second man in the organization. "
said Hashemi, said that" the most prominent leaders in the sequence Daash after al - Baghdadi , now two Abu Mohammad al-Adnani , spokesman for the organization , which took over the military supervision after the departure of the Chechen and Abu Mohammed Hemala which oversees the foreign fighters that left Alqadola in civic responsibility. "
it was Brett Macgork envoy to the US presidency in the international coalition against al Daash, said on Tuesday that" Daash leaders hiding or being killed at a rate of one every three days , "asserting that" war on the organization is making progress, and it has weakened its ability to move its leaders, as well as cut the main roads supplied. "
it is many conflicting reports , most recently on 14 June , and about the fate of the leader of Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his death in the Syrian tenderness city , a stronghold Daash without being confirmed by the coalition international.
but the Syrian ambassador to Moscow Riyad Haddad said in the 21 of this month , said he had credible information to confirm the injury Baghdadi.
Haddad said in remarks to the Agency "Novosti" Russian "there are no accurate information about the killing of al - Baghdadi, but I know exactly that it is infected, but this It is irrelevant, since NH will soon kill not only Daash leader, but also other elements of the organization. "