Roudao - Erbil apologized Ansar Allah Huthi, on Tuesday, of the United States against the backdrop of chanting supporters slogan "Death to America and Israel."

According to diplomatic sources , that " the militant group al - Huthi 's delegation to the Yemeni peace talks in Kuwait , met on Monday evening, Under Secretary of State of America, "in a move that revealed what he called observers" confidential relationship between the Houthis and the Americans "unlike advertised in the Houthi slogan. she added that the meeting described most importantly between the Houthis and Yemeni among the top US official, comprised of US Undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Thomas Shannon, in addition to the Undersecretary of the Ministry British Foreign Affairs Middle East, Alan Duncan, in Kuwait. noting that " the delegation of the rebels apologized frank US official high for the Houthi slogan (death to America ... death to Israel). the delegation also stressed that" this slogan is for domestic consumption, and is used by the Houthis as a means to attract the sympathy of the street with them and create an issue between their followers to maintain their cohesion. " a number of sources said that the rebels were aided by Washington to put pressure on the Arab coalition to prevent the restoration of the capital Sanaa militarily, while Washington insists on the need for a political settlement of the situation in Yemen over the peace consultations in Kuwait, involved the outputs Houthis as partners in power , despite their refusal to give up until the moment to take up arms and transformation into a political party.