[Where - Baghdad]
announced the Ministry of Agriculture, on Wednesday, for the production of approximately 128,000 tons of beef and 317,000 fish farming in the province.
And stressed the cultivation of Karbala Directorate said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on that "special breeding cows and sheep agricultural initiative projects produced over the past few months , nearly 128,000 kg of red meat has been marketed to the domestic market, while confirming that the fishponds The raising of more than 317,000 fish during the same chapter. "
The statement continued that" fattening calves and sheep working eight projects , including guestrooms fields 6 projects for fattening calves, two sheep and goats produced 127,800 kg of red meat. "
He explained that the " breeder livestock in these fields has been providing agricultural credit for the establishment of these projects in addition to the buyout fodder at subsidized prices, and thus of the amount of production of meat sheep and cows in the past few months amounted to 127 800 kg marketed to the domestic market to meet the needs of citizens of the fresh meat. "
He pointed out that" the fishponds the breeding in the province of more than 317,000 fish in the second quarter of this year , "explaining that" the fish farmers are urging special attention by the Ministry of Agriculture by giving them agricultural loans and feed at subsidized prices. "