Fallujah / AFP
People crowd in the fighting forces participated alongside Iraqi forces to regain control of Fallujah , despite previous assurances that it would not have been fighting in this city.
It expresses the number of the year for the big fear about Shi'ite militias committed violations during the restoration of the cities from the control of the organization Daash which extend its dominance in the areas of operations vast during a massive offensive in June 2014
and the participation of the popular crowd , along with the security forces in the Fallujah operations may help the parties to regain control of Mosul, another city that is still under the control of Daash. They may also provide an indication about the future of their relationship after the war against al Daash.
Media reports to the implementation of a number of fighters , some factions of the popular crowd executions in areas near Fallujah , and inside the city. Hadi al - Ameri commander of the Badr Corps, the most prominent factions of the popular crowd, "We participated in the liberation of the city," adding: " I did not share with great force, liberation of the city did not require a large force."
He explained Ameri said "around 1,500 fighters took part , along with the federal police , " as is the case with the rapid response of the Interior Ministry forces.
despite the involvement of the popular crowd, played special units and Interior Ministry troops a key role in the fight against Daash inside Fallujah.
Maj . Gen. Thamer Mohammed Ismail of the rapid reaction forces that the "popular crowd participated with us and with the federal police." In turn, the Abu Hanan Canaanite, the commander of the Fourth Brigade to participate in the fighting with the Interior Ministry forces in different parts of Fallujah , the Badr Corps confirmed.
The fight crowd the popular battles inside the city, and this is opposed by Sunni parties, is contrary to the pledges he made ​​to stay on the outskirts of the city in order to impose a collar around it all.
it was al - Amiri said earlier: " I will not go into Fallujah , " he said: "Our mission is besieged Fallujah only." This was confirmed as well as Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command, saying that " the task of the popular crowd were supporting pieces of the police and army, and tighten the screws on the perimeter of Fallujah."
He denied the Messenger of the presence of the popular crowd fighters in the city, saying that the operations plan provides for survival outside the city. In
turn refused to Saad al - Hadithi, a spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi (commander in chief of the armed forces), talking about the approval of the entry of the crowd to Fallujah.
but Amiri insisted that there is no barrier to entry factions of the crowd into the city, saying that those who oppose it he defends extremists. Amery said jokingly , "I will send them black clothes of the console after the Government was able to edit Fallujah."
In a tacit acknowledgment and in order to avoid problems, Amiri explained that " the crowd troops waited to leave the civilians before entering , fearing for their safety."
While he was talking about the participation of the Badr Corps , orbits relatively conservative , but they are openly now. He was fourth in the Badr Brigade military wing, the most prominent in terms of writing his name on the walls, and banners raised on a large number of the corners of the city. He wrote on one of the walls , "this neighborhood edited Badr Heroes." And carrying armored vehicles from Humvees logo Badr forces model also download some of them pictures of its leader , al - Amiri.
The "Badr" the most force presence , despite talk about the participation of other factions of the popular crowd in operations within the city.
Sources in the Ministry of Interior and the leadership of the Badr said the two sides are working closely with the federal police and rapid intervention. It is likely that this cooperation back to the Interior Minister Mohammad Al Ghabban, one of the Badr leaders, may take part in the negotiations on the future of the crowd in the post - regulation Daash.
He praised Ameri coordination between the factions of the crowd and security forces , saying: "Our work as a team."