From the outside, there is nothing suspicious about the three neighboring houses in this residential street in Fallujah. One of them has a large Haehghan two columns on either side of the entrance. The others are the Mtoadaan Like most of the houses in the city , which labored under the rule of Daash over two and a half year. But behind the front doors is a temporary prison was Daash extremists use it to carry out their sentences outdated.
Provides a window on the brutal prison sentences , which were practiced here before the restoration of the city, and an overview of executions and flogging and torture. The prison is one of the remnants of the succession Daash alleged left by extremists when they were killed or fled, allowing Iraqi forces discovering and knowing the internal gory details of the group.
It is through the Building Inspection forces gradually discovered explosives, documents and caches of weapons factories and prisons within the ordinary homes to avoid detection during the air strikes.
Says Col. Haitham Ghazi, an intelligence officer from the brigade rapid reaction forces in Swat: "you can feel the breath of prisoners at home." The room - which was probably someday family saloon - stifling and still smells of fetid sweat of those who were incarcerated there. The windows are covered with pieces of metal, a little light seeps inside to reveal a small lying on the carpet packs - newspapers, curtains, scraps clothes packed together to work Bags - There are a lot of them gives an indication of the number of prisoners who were imprisoned here.
Foreign lobby scorched, and says troops government that they've found so upon arrival. Up through the iron ladder, still upstairs rooms with clothes and property of the family who lived here, belongings dumped on the floor and the family.
The show leaves found in the home that a lot of people who were detained here against the backdrop of a variety of offenses; Some were jailed on charges of theft and Others minor charges , such as smoking or violation of instructions in the group clothing.
Maj . Gen. Ismail Thamer, the supreme commander of the rapid reaction forces in the region, said Iraqi forces found a treasure trove of information about the group in Fallujah; it is here were the group 's leadership ordered missions car bombing in Baghdad. Troops also found another temporary prison in the neighborhood, but still smaller than the first.
He adds Major General Thamer: "I'm sure that there are more prisons." There is a hole in the outer wall of the garden , which leads to a larger house to allow jailers to move from house to another without risk to go out into the street for fear of monitored from the air. Some rooms have been demolished interior walls to expand the detention hall.
Bedspreads and curtains are scattered on the floor with a little of dates that were prisoners eat. Some of the halls where the ventilation was probably reserved for prisoners accused of simple offenses. It seems that the third house was dedicated to large penalties; solitary confinement and tortured. Metal chain with thick black dogs dangling at the end of the peace and tied the crane, said Col. Haitham "suspending them by their legs and beat them."
Upstairs rooms solitary confinement cells. In one , there are five cells a few feet long and one and a half feet, doors and walls of solid metal with holes in the roof for ventilation. Asks Colonel "How do they breathe here in this heat , " he says the prison was empty upon arrival of the Iraqi forces is not known what happened to the prisoners, except for some who were executed with the progress of the Iraqi forces, where they found their bodies in the school , located across the street, Fraihh their flesh rotten led to them. The bodies were piled in a small crater Hall, there were at least seven bodies. There may be other execution sites around the prison. It seems that their bodies and their skin blackened Hazelt after leaving Atvsgun in the heat, as they were blindfolded cut red cloth. The body of one of the men wearing clothes internally full of sweat and a T - shirt torn, his nose has been going there and handles scissors stuck in his mouth cleft has extended blade to his throat in the heaviest brutal images exerted by the jailers before fleeing the building. * From: The Washington Post