Says Nadia Murad, Iraqi Yazidi , which has suffered a nightmare three months of sexual slavery at the organization "Daash", it wants to deliver a message to the world leaders that "jihadists" leaders should be tried on charges of genocide. Says the young , aged 23 years after fleeing thanks to a false religious identity two years ago, " We must recognize the occurrence of extermination."
As Chen Iraqi government forces offensive against al "Daash" enabled them to regain control of the city of Fallujah in western Iraq Sunday, it seeks UN investigators again to achieve justice for the victims of Aljhadian.walaesideon minority is not a Muslim nor Arab, is more than half a million people concentrated their presence , especially near the Syrian border in the north Alarac.oicol Yezidis that religion dating back thousands of years and it emerged from the ancient Babylonian religion in Mesopotamia. Others argue that religion mixture of old religions of several such Zoroastrian and Manichean.
And not the organization of the Islamic state deeply hostile to this group in Kurdish - speaking , considering that its members "infidels."
In 2014, elements of the organization "Daash" kill large numbers of Yazidis in Sinjar in Nineveh province in northern Iraq, and forced tens of thousands of them to flee, while detained thousands of girls and women Kspaya war.
the Committee announced that a UN investigation into human rights in Syria earlier this month that it had gathered evidence that the organization "Daash" continuing genocide against Yazidis.
the Committee in charge of the investigation of rights Council of the UN Human that "thousands of women and girls are still prisoners of war and victims of violations in Syria and subjected most often to slavery."
the Iraqi leaders praises recent Pantsarathm to organize "Daash" in Fallujah and were preparing for a new process to expel them from the other strongholds in the north country such as Mosul, stressed Murad that he should not forget the need for accountability. "forced to declare Islam" and detained militants organize "Daash" Murad clubs in her village of Kyushu near the town of Sinjar in August 2014 and took her to Almousel.oukalt " the first thing they do is force us to embracing Islam ", adding : " after embracing Islam, they do what they want us. " in a speech in December in front of the UN Security Council, Ruth Murad details" of her marriage "from one of her captors to organize" Daash "the atrocities that have suffered. " I no longer I could afford more rape and torture ", so I decided to flee. during her escape to Mosul, Murad said she was afraid of , but it receives one, but eventually found refuge with a Muslim family in the city. she said , " they issued me a Muslim identity card "used to cross the border to Iraqi Kurdistan. She lived Murad in Iraqi Kurdistan in the camp with the IDPs with the support of the organization "Yazda", ie "Aesideon initiative across the world," then moved to Germany , where she currently resides with her ​​sister. "Using the prosecution map" and considered the United Nations and Western countries several year the last to attack the organization "Daash" on Yazidis tantamount to genocide , a deliberate effort aimed at eliminating the minority as a whole. the Commission made ​​earlier this month is clear evidence to support this Almtalibh.ooceft member of the Committee previous international and Prosecutor Carla del Ponte , the Commission 's report as " a roadmap Using the prosecutions. " investigators said in their report based on the testimony of witnesses, said the organization is still holding about 3,200 Yezidis mostly in Syria, stating that women are treated as part of sexual slavery while teaching boys creed and their use in battle. but the assignment of mass murder case to court international Criminal often collide obstructed the UN Security Council for political reasons. the cross - members of the committee expressed the hope that the investigation into the Yazidis file at the court 's headquarters in the Hague, because the organization "Daash" does not have the overt political support on the one hand Maanh.oojhisht Murad , who was nominated with 376 individuals and organizations for the Nobel peace Prize, crying while Ruth in front of the UN Security Council the suffering of members of their group who consider that the international community has abandoned Anhm.oukalt last week in Geneva during the occasion of the Human rights Council that the anger will escalate if no payment will be made ​​to try to organize the Islamic state genocide of Yazidis. It concluded by saying heading to the members of the council " in order to Tstaidoa confidence Yazidis, you must do a lot of work."